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Add product to cart

After design ideas, you can put an item into the cart and continue edit with other product or go to checkout.

To add to cart product. Firstly focus on the tab Product. In here, you can see some product details and printing method + attributes. You have to complete selection printing method and attributes values before adding to cart.

The printing method is the method to print your design on the product. As many similar stores, you have some attribute need to finish when adding a product to cart.

Lumise supports many attribute type; even they have the price on it. When attribute changed the price of the product will be changed base on values attributes and printing methods.
After finish, just press the Add To Cart button. You will see the number on the My Cart will increase when new product added

Update Lumise cart item
For some reason, may you want to change the info or attribute of product on the cart? Simply, just go to the My Cart then select product and click on Edit link. The product info + design loaded into design area immediately.

After change info or attribute values, just press the Update Cart Item to submit your change to cart item.