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To manage Clip art, just go to Admin panel > All Cliparts

Clipart are a list of the Clipart which you prepare for users to select on their end. They can add them to product design with one click.
To manage Clipart, just go to Admin panel > Clipart. In this page, you can see the thumbnail of Clipart, name, categories and some filter options on the top as well.

By default, it will show all items here. You can refine the list to show only specific Clipart by using the drop-down menus above the items list. The list auto refresh after you make a selection. Bulk Actions: You can also act on multiple items at once. Select the items you want to act on using the checkboxes> select an action> click Apply Number of item per page
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Set price for a Clipart


When you set a price for Clipart, It will show up on Customer end.

It's also counted to price of the product
. But to make the Clipart can be counted, you must create Printing Type first image

Add New Clipart

image Add multi cliparts If you want to upload a big number of clipart items, let's use ulti upload features

Just click on Add Multiple Cliparts button on the top of list page.