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Product Base

Firstly, we must understand what Product Base is.

Product Base looks like as a design template which used by many similar products from CMS can use to allow user edit or selling directly this product with a template design.


To manage Product Base, just go to Control panel > Product Base> All Product Base

Firstly, the list of all products added. In this area, you can see the stages thumbnail of product, name, SKU and some filter options on the top as well.

You can customize the display of this screen’s contents in some ways.
Bulk Actions : You can also edit or remove multiple items at once. Select the items you want to act on using the checkboxes, then select the action you want to take from the Bulk Actions menu and click Action.
Active : Show selected products on product list when assigning with CMS product.
Deactive : Hide selected products on product list when assigning with CMS product.
Delete : Remove selected products.
Add/Edit Product Base To add a new item, just click on menu or button Add New Product Base. And select on of item in the list to edit that one.

There are 4 tabs for each product base
Details – Some details information for product
Design – Config designs for each stage of product such as front, back, left, right
Variants - These variant will be synchronised on Shopify store as well
Attributes – Config attributes of products to use for add to cart.

Please go here How it works to understand how to create a Product Base
One product base can be used for multiple Shopify Product

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